The Gift of Asher Lev



P. 4 Asher speaking of the Rebbe

He wrote when Avrumel was born. "I give your son my blessing, Asher Lev. May he grow up to be a leader of his people."

P. 18 Devorah

"Do you think any good will come of this, Asher? Can God have a plan? That's what I use to think when I was in that sealed apartment in Paris. That God had a plan, a big plan. Sometimes I would lie awake at night and try to guess what the plan was.

My plan is to shower and go to sleep, Dev."

"Go ahead, my husband. I will unpack. But wouldn't it be interesting if there was a plan to this? Wouldn't it?"

"Absolutely. My uncle dies suddenly as part of some big plan. You're more of a Hasid than I am, my wife."

P. 22 Rebbe

"I say to you: Three will save us. 'The third is our future. Do you hear me, my people? Three will save us. The third is our future."

P. 118 Devorah ""No. But even if I had, I would have painted them anyway. When I paint, I think of the truth of the painting. I try never to think of the consequences."

P. 141 Rocheleh

"Why did you put yourself and Avrumel into the drawing of the binding of Isaac?"

She had noticed it. Sharp-eyed, quick-witted Rocheleh. Who else had seen it? "I don't know. It was a surprise to me."

Behind her glasses her eyes took on a disbelieving look. "My papa draws things without knowing it?"

"Sometimes. Then the drawing tells me what I'm trying to say."

P. 152 Devorah

"If it's all God's will, my husband, there must be a plan. Don't you think there must be a plan?" "Who knows? Maybe there's a plan.""

P. 199-200 Asher Lev

"Asher Lev, convert. A new wrinkle. I had not heard that one before. That was how some rid themselves of certain problems. In my sealed world, a problem person who crossed over to the outside was briefly mourned and soon forgotten: an enemy all knew how to handle. They stood away from such a person. But a problem person who chose for whatever reason to remain inside became a feared and troubling liability, and ultimately a demonic presence. They didn't know how to relate to you, because you were inside and outside simultaneously; you blurred the lines of separation; they didn't know what to tell their children. Asher Lev, convert. Asher Lev, troubler." Submitted by John Wagner

P. 205 Asher Lev about Lucien Lacamp

"She had little patience for the vacuous world of the philistine, and no comprehension of the subtle texturing of religious consciousness." Submitted by John Wagner

P. 208 Rebbe

"A man does not always remain at the same stage. He is always ascending or descending. When he reaches the top, he must concern himself with the probability that he will fall. When he reaches the bottom, he must strive once again to climb to the top. That is the nature of man. When the soul of a man is in its darkest night, he must strive constantly for new light. When one thinks there is only an end, that is when one must struggle for the new beginning."

P. 246 Asher Lev

Day after day meetings. And one day my father as the Rebbe? Asher Lev, artist, son of Aryeh Lev, the Rebbe of the Ladover Hasidim? It sounds vaguely like a blasphemy.

P. 368 Asher Lev

I will pay for the insurance and storage fees. For how long? he asks. For a long time, I tell him. Maybe fifteen, twenty years. "My son will know what to do with it,"

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