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"Israel's Withdrawal from Sinai."
Moment Magazine (cover story). March, 1982.

"The Barbra Streisand Nobody Knows."
Esquire Magazine (cover story). October, 1982.

"The Bible's Inspired Art."
New York Times Magazine. October 3, 1982.

"Torah, Torah, Torah. Streisand Seems Fascinated by Tribulations She Had to Endure Making 'Yentl.'"
Philadelphia Daily News. December 8, 1983.

"Russia and the Jews: Photos of a Turbulent Past."
New York Times Arts & Leisure Section. February 21, 1988.

"Text and Texture: Early Adventures in the Fourth Dimension."
A Sign and A Witness.
New York Public Library, Oxford University Press, 1988.

"The Invisible Map of Meaning: A Writer's Confrontations."
TriQuarterly 84. Spring/Summer, 1992.

"A Subtle Effort to Deconstruct the Shtetl."
New York Times Arts & Leisure Section. Sunday, October 23, 1994.


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Articles by Chaim Potok

Potok, Chaim
Martin Buber and the Jews
Commentary (Mar) p. 43-49
Response to a letter to the editor (Sept) p. 22-28

Potok, Chaim
The State of Jewish Belief
Commentary (Aug) p. 125-127

Potok, Chaim
The Chosen
Ladies Home Journal Book Bonus (May) p. 149-162

Potok, Chaim
Interaction in the Adopted Land
Saturday Review (Dec. 7) p. 37-40

Potok, Chaim
Jews of the 1970's
Ladies Home Journal (Dec) p. 134

Potok, Chaim
Rebellion and authority: The adolescent discovering the individual in modern literature
Adolescent-Psychiatry 4, p. 15-20
Discusses the author's adolescence and struggle to reconcile his divergent commitments ot Jewish Orthodoxy and to literature. (Psychlit)

Potok, Chaim
Judaism under the secular umbrella
Christianity Today 22 (Sept. 8) p. 14-21

Potok, Chaim
Seventeen v. 46 p. 128

Potok, Chaim
The culture highways we travel
Religion and Literature 19 (sum) p. 1-10

Potok, Chaim; Zannoni, Arthur E., ed
Proceedings of the Center for Jewish-Christian Learning The novel as religious education--Chaim Potok
St. Paul, Minn: College of St. Thomas

Potok, Chaim
The Bad News
Philadelphia Magazine v79n9 (Sept) p89, 96 Compares and contrasts three great newspapers

Potok, Chaim
A Planet in Exile (Experiences and problems of secular jewish life)
Du-die Zeitschrift der Kultur 10, p. 20-25

Potok, Chaim; Ryan, Bryan (ed)
Major 20th century writers: a selection of sketches from
Contemporary Authors
Gale Res. p. 2383-6 LC 90084380

Potok, Chaim; Ryken, Leland, ed, and Longman, Tremper, III. ed
A complete literary guide to the Bible
The novelist and the Bible, by Chaim Potok
Grand Rapids: Zondervan

Potok, Chaim
Police wonder at suburb's silence on woman who hired killer.
The New York Times v143 sec. 1 (Dec 12)

Many Thanks to Marilyn Crane, La Sierra University graduate and catalog librarian at Loma Linda University, for her assistance in searching for references.


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OP-ED Essays/Editorials


"A Witness at Philadelphia's Renaissance."
Philadelphia Inquirer. September 2, 1984.

"Baseball: From Dreams to Schemes."
Philadelphia Inquirer. April 3, 1988.

"Chaim Potok, and His Special Garden in Israel."
Philadelphia Inquirer. May 13, 1988.

"Returning to the Real America, East of Eden."
Philadelphia Inquirer. May 15, 1988.

"Everything Normal."
Philadelphia Inquirer. June 24, 1988.

"A Tale of Two Old Walled Cities."
Philadelphia Inquirer. July 5, 1988.

"A Talk with Two Iranians."
Philadelphia Inquirer. August 14, 1988.

"Freedom of Expression is at Stake."
Philadelphia Inquirer. February 23, 1989.

"Work Hard to Redeem the Century."
Philadelphia Inquirer. December 31, 1989.

"A Salute to Abe, Charles."
Philadelphia Inquirer. February 12, 1990.

"Thomas Hearings, A Gloomy Day for U.S."
Philadelphia Inquirer. October 30, 1991.

"A Maori Woman is Worried. . ."
Philadelphia Inquirer. May 31, 1992.

"They Remembered the Holocaust. . ."
Philadelphia Inquirer. April 28, 1993.

"Shalom to the Man Who was Jerusalem for 28 Years."
Philadelphia Inquirer. November 7, 1993.

"Rabbi Schneerson: One of a Kind."
Philadelphia Inquirer. June 16, 1994.

"Memories of Summer Camp."
Philadelphia Inquirer. Sunday, July 3, 1994.

"Israelis Have Suffered a Loss of Innocence--As America Did Earlier."
Philadelphia Inquirer. November 8, 1995


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