Chaim Potok in His Own Voice


    Most Potok readers have never had the chance to meet him nor hear him speak. Linked here are audio clips of him speaking.

    In May, 1997, Dr. William Allen introduced Potok to an audience on the campus of La Sierra University, Riverside, California. In the introduction hope was expressed that Potok would write a sequel to My Name is Asher Lev, and The Gift of Asher Lev and that Asher and his community would be reconciled. The clip covers Potok's response prior to him beginning his prepared remarks.

    La Sierra University, May, 1997, clip 1

    Later in the lecture Potok referenced two incidents involving his mother Molly.

    La Sierra University, May, 1997, clip 2


    A 1985 interview of Potok by Don Swaim is available on the Internet.

    Wired for Books Interview


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