Chaim Potok has written the following novels:


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Short Storie s


The Seven of the Address


Winter's Tales: New Series 8, Robin Baird-Smith, Ed.
St. Martin's, May 17, 1993

Ilana Davita Chandal arrives in Jerusalem to make a presentation at a conference and seeks out a friend to visit over the weekend. Het cijfer zeven (The Seven of the Address), 1990, Netherlands



A delightful story about a boy and a Vietnam veteran, each dealing with disabilities, was printed in the Philadelphia Inquirer on November 27, 1994. Zebra will be the title story in a new publication entitled "Zebra and other stories" due for publication in 1998.

I am seeking permission from the Philadelphia Inquirer to make the story available through this website. If a copy of the story is unavailable to you from the Inquirer write to me at and I will send you a copy for professional use.





The Trope Teacher

TriQuarterly, Spring 1998 Ilana Davita Chandal again appears in a fascinating story.

Two Novellas

European readers have seen two novellas that will be published in English at some time in the future.
1993: Het Kanaal (The Canal), Netherlands
1995: The Golem's Hand, Italy

Three Novellas

Three Novellas are bundled together as Old Men at Midnight. Davita is the thread that ties the novellas together.


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