Chaim Potok has written the following plays:

    The Chosen
    A musical adaptation of the book, opened off-Broadway in New York, January 6, 1988 and closed after four days.
    Produced again in Philadelphia and Pittsburg, spring 1999

    A review of the songs from The Chosen

    A second staging of a play based on The Chosen was performed in Washington, D.C. and Florida in 2001.

    Out of the Depths
    A drama in two parts, premiered in Philadelphia, April 17-May 13, 1990.

    Sins of the Father, The Carnival and The Gallery
    Two one-act plays, premiered in Philadelphia, May 24, 1990.
    The Carnival comes from the carnival story early in The Promise.
    The Gallery comes from the gallery scene in My Name is Asher Lev.

    The Play of Lights
    A one-act play, premiered in Philadelphia, May 13-30 1992.

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