Reviews written by Chaim Potok



Him with His Foot in His Mouth. Saul Bellow.
The Philadelphia Inquirer. May 20, 1984.

The Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto. Ed. Lucjan Dobroscycki.
The Philadelphia Inquirer. September 30, 1984.

Love and Exile. A Memoir. Isaac Bashevis Singer.
The Philadelphia Inquirer. November 11, 1984.

Stories for Children. Isaac Bashevis Singer.
The Philadelphia Inquirer. November 11, 1984.

The Burn. Vassily Aksyonov.
The Philadelphia Inquirer. December 9, 1984.

Exodus and Revolution. Michael Walzer.
Philadelphia Inquirer. April 21, 1985.

Zucherman Bound. Philip Roth.
Newsday. June 23, 1985.

From the Fair. Sholom Aleichem.
The New York Times. July 14, 1985.

The Siege. Conor Cruise O'Brien.
Newsday. March 2, 1986.

Semites and Anti-Semites. Bernard Lewis.
Philadelphia Inquirer. August 31, 1986.

Jewish Self-Hatred. Anti-Semitism and the Hidden Language of the Jews. Sander L. Gilman.
Philadelphia Inquirer. January 11, 1987.

Twilight. Elie Wiesel.
Philadelphia Inquirer. May 22, 1988.

The Death of Methuselah and Other Stories. Isaac Bashevis Singer.
Moment Magazine. January/February, 1989.

From Beirut to Jerusalem. Thomas L. Friedman.
The Washington Post. July 16, 1989.

The Lost Childhood. Yehuda Nir.
Newsday. October 29, 1989.

Lodz Ghetto. Alan Adelson and Robert Lapides.
Philadelphia Inquirer. November 26, 1989.

Writing into the World. Terence Des Pres.
Philadelphia Inquirer. March 24, 1991.

Jewish-American History and Culture. Ed. Jack Fischel and Sanford Pinsker.
The Philadelphia Inquirer. March 15, 1992.

The New Israelis. Yosi Melman.
The Washington Post. November 22, 1992.

Strange Pilgrims. Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
The Philadelphia Inquirer. September 17, 1993.

The Waterworks. E.L. Doctorow.
The Philadelphia Inquirer. June 12, 1994.

God. Jack Miles.
Philadelphia Inquirer. April 16, 1995.

The Origin of Satan. Elaine Pagels.
The Forward. June 2, 1995.

The Moor's Last Sigh. Salman Rushdie.
The Forward. December 29, 1995.



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