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The Chosen (Unabridged)
Read by Dan Lazar
Books on Tape
P.O. Box 7900, Newport Beach, CA 92658
The Chosen (Abridged)
Read by Eli Wallach
Warner Audio Publishing
P.O. Box 211, 70 Greenwich Ave., New York, NY, 10011

Nightingales in a War Zone by Chaim Potok
Hanukkah Lights: Stories from the Festival of Lights

Performed by Joel Grey
Dove Audio, available from


Video Tapes


Myths, Mysteries, and Mysticism

"The film follows the travels of Jewish-American author Chaim Potok, who wanders through Prague searching the old Jewish cemetery for the Golem creator, Rabbi Low, and the attic of the Altneu synagogue where the Golem is said to have returned to dust."
Copyright 1996 by Newbridge Communications, Inc., (800) 275-5126

Good Conversation: A talk with Chaim Potok

"Travel to a suburb of Philadellphia for an interview with esteemed author Chaim Potok. . .He also takes us on a tour of the many wonderful pieces of art that he has created." 20 minutes
Tim Podell Productions, 1997
P.O. Box 244 Scarborough, NY 10510

(800) 642-4181


The Two Chaims:

Interview with sculptor Chaim Gross by author Chaim Potok
The Eternal Light Program, aired on NBC News, 8:30 p.m. Sept. 11, 1983
Date of interview: July 17, 1983
At the sculptors studio
526 LaGuardia Place, New York, NY 10012




The Chosen (Movie/Video Tape)
Copyright 1982, Twentieth Century Fox Corporation
Edie anad Ely Landau Producers -- A Jeremy Paul Kagan Film
Maxiimillian Schell as Mr. Malther
Rod Steiger as Reb Saunders
Bobby Benson as Danny
Barry Miller as Reuven

107 Minutes

Detailed description of the movie


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The Chosen
Rabbi Chaim Potok